Vienna, April 20, 2024




A / Life stations and Studies

  • 1949: born in Lower Austria.

  • 1963 – 1968: Attended Realgymnasium in Vienna (an Austrian secondary education school type with a focus on natural sciences) with the completion of the Austrian school-leaving certificate (Matura).

  • 1968– 1969: Served in military service in the Austrian federal army.

  • 1973 Graduation in business administration (Mag) from the University of World Trade in Vienna.


Subsequent academic degrees were obtained through part-time studies.

  • Completion of a doctoral degree in business administration with a focus on empirical methods and higher mathematics at the Vienna University of Economics in 1993.

  • 1994 to 1998: Studied philosophy with an emphasis on philosophy of science at the University of Vienna. Academic degrees followed in 1997 (Mag) and 1998 (Dr).

  • 2004 graduation in Social Behavioral Sciences (MA) at the University of Hagen/Germany with a special focus on industrial and organizational psychology. 2008, this course of study has been completed with a doctoral degree in the field of social psychology.

  • 2007 to 2009: In order to transfer theoretical know-how of philosophical and social psychological concepts into the field of practice, I attended practice-oriented training for three years as a psycho-social counselor. This included the completion of an academic degree (MSc in Counseling).


B / Professional Practice

  • 1973 to 1979: Product manager in marketing and sales department of consumer goods in international corporations in Austria (Unilever Austria, Braun Electric Austria) and Germany (headquarter of Braun Electric).

  • 1979 to 1983: Published two books on healthy eating within the Natural Food Movement. Conducting seminars in Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Budapest and Bucharest.

  • 1984 to 2006: Market researcher, IT project manager and business process consultant Siemens Austria).

  • 2007 – 2015: Self-employed Psychological Consultant and Science Coach.

  • 2015 – today: Focused on the profession as a science coach / consultant for qualitative, quantitative methods and mixed methods procedures.


C / Expertise

  • Completion of my own three dissertations and four master's theses

  • Extensive experience and professional know-how due to the supervision of diploma and doctoral students over more than two decades

  • Eleven years of occupational experience as a market researcher

  • Eleven years of occupational experience as an IT project manager for statistical and business reporting software

  • Implementation of numerous empirical social research and commercial research projects since 1984

  • Four decades of in dealing with university institutions and lecturers from the external (!) perspective of both myself und my clients/students.

  • External Examiner of Middlesex University London – defensio for doctoral studies: Starting with autumn 2023.


D / Publications

  • Journalistic in field of urban environmental traffic / 1990 – 1993: approximately 20 articles concerning ecofriendly traffic in biking journal.

  • Journalistic and pedagogical-scientifical / 1988 – 1992: approximately 25 articles in special interest journals.

  • Academic / 2008: Interdisziplinäres Forschen; Synthetisierende, theoretische und empirische Sichten auf Basis von Weltbild, Formalismen und sozialpsychologischen Ansätzen. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

  • Academic / 2008: Ich denke nicht, was in zehn Jahren sein wird. Ein Lebenskonzept begrenzter Freiheit. Protokoll einer psychologisch-philosophischen Beratung, Wien: Bachelor, Master Publishing; 2014: zweite Auflage mit Epilog.

  • Academic / 2009: Schul-, Berufs- und Qualifizierungsentscheidungen von Angehörigen der zweiten und dritten Generation vertriebener Donauschwaben. Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung familienstrategischer und generationsübergreifender Aspekte. München: GRIN.

  • Philosophical / 2010: Warum glauben wir den Comics von Mao? Wie uns übliche Schablonen in die Irre führen. Psychologisch und praktisch-lebensphilosophisch orientierte Beiträge. (2. Aufl.) Books on Demand.

  • Philosophical and pedagogical-scientifica / 2010 until now: approximately 330 essays/public posts on my homepage 

  • Tertiary education (University): Blog-activity starting 2018

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence: Extensive Blog-activity starting with sommer 2023


E / In dealing with clients I value

  • Emphasis on consistent research designs

  • Offering solid methodological support within a sound yet practicable approach which pays attention to both analytical and synthetical dimensions

  • Effective time management

  • Offering educational didactic support which means advising, motivating the processes of research, and eventually dissolving writer’s blockages.